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 Who are we ?

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From a passion shared by the 3 Marques brothers, the 2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS was developped and exists since 1980 at Cassis in the heart of Provence.

Since severals years , the company 2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS has been implanted on a 10 ha site with 3500 m2 of offices and buildings, and it has the position of the incontested leader of the original 2CV and MEHARI spare parts. A team of 50 employees works to satisfy your every needs. With our agreement from Citroen France , insuring the disponibility and conformity of all the spare parts 2CV and Mehari.

2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS Sales at distance

Sales at distance :
A team of 6 salers persons and technicians are ready to meet all your needs. Accessible in 5 languages ( English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese ). They answer in the shortest delay at the phone calls from the four corners of the world.
> Manager : Serge Ducrozet

2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS Over the counter

Over the counter :
All the spare parts for 2CV and MEHARI
 are available over the counter all year round.If you plan a visit in Provence or simply pass through, don’t hesitate to come and visit us. You will be welcome and you can take away your spare parts immediatly.
> Manager : Daniel BARRARD


Car sales :
Unique in Europe , the 2CV Mehari Club Cassis puts at your disposal a deposit – sale park of 2CV and MEHARI . This private park is visited all year round by many passionate people. It allows us to propose you an important choice of 2cv and Mehari at various prices.
> Manager : Edouard CHAPERT


After sales :
For all inquiries concerning the progress of your orders of spare parts, and guarantee of parts.
> Manager : Catherine OTT

2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS Purchasing departement

Purchasing department :
The daily supply of hundreds of spare parts, the research of new products, some news solutions to ensure the availability of parts.... this is the big task of the purchasing department . Lower prices and the guarantee of the best quality of the pieces we sell.
> Manager : Jean-Paul HERY


CAD department :
2 new catalogs of spare parts every years, advertising in the specialised publications and many internal and customers documents, the maintainance of the websites.
> Manager : Laurent MARQUES

2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS Account departement

Account department :
More than 300 clients billed every day, the controling billing and invoicing for suppliers and Point Relais... a lot of works for our 2 accountant !
> Manager : André PONS


Workshop :
Rebuilt, renovate or simply maintain your 2cv or Mehari, the 2cv Mehari Club Cassis company is made up of a team of professional mechanics, carriage-builder, painters, all with the same passion : these mythical bicylinders and their good working order.
> Manager : Philippe GATT


Saddlery manufacture :
An increase demands in the quantity and the variety of products has push us to dynamise this creative manufacture workshop. A strict quality control guarantees a manufacture conformable at the original.
> Manager : Anne-Marie BARRONE


The shop :
More than 7000 references available in the shop. The gestion of the stock of new parts is to insure the maintenance of the store.
> Manager : Jean Paul HERY

2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS Shipping departement

The shipping department :
More than hundred packages every day to prepared and transferred to the different transport companies who insure the delivery in France and abroad. This is the daily task carried out by the shipping department.
> Manager : Serge ABONDANCE

2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS chain manufacture platform

Chain of manufacture platform :
All the machine and the genuine Citroen tools necessary at the production of platform are available in our workshop. This manufacture is conform at the expense copy-book impose by the constructor. An anti corrosive treatment by cataphorese or a hot galvanised by emmersion guarantee the quality of our products.
> Manager : Alexandre MOLL

2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS ironmongery workshop


Ironmongery workshop :
Manufacture chassis frame, bumpers, structure of the seats, wind-screen frame, elements of 2cv carriage buildings and many others accessories are realised with the same exigency of quality and conformity as the original.
> Manager : Alexandre MOLL

2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS plastic moulding workshop

Plastic moulding workshop :
To satisfy the disponibility and the perennity of many pieces, we have created the machinery and the mould for that.
Examples : aerated, support, muff, etc......
> Manager : François VAIARELLO

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