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2CV spare parts

2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS is specialized in the distribution of the original Citroën accessories and spare parts. We can provide you with: 2CV parts, Mehari parts, Dyane parts, Ami parts, and C15 parts. You can choose 2CV accessories between: Seats, bodywork, brakes, frame, engine, steering, electricity, equipment, transmission, and screws according to the model of your car. Find a wide choice of spare parts allying reliability and durability, at 2CV MEHARI CLUB.

CITROEN 2CV accessories
2CV Engine bonnet
Engine CITROEN 2CV 602 CC
Engine 602 CC
Seats accessories for Citroen Mehari
Seats Mehari white/blue

To guarantee the availability of Citroën accessories, we have our own workshop of saddlery – manufacturing for 2CV or Mehari.


We propose you, also, as well for the remote sale that for the direct sale of Citroën accessories, the services of our salesmen and multilingual technicians to advise you and guide you in your choice.


Discover on line our wide range of Citroën accessories at the best prices and benefit from the efficiency of our after sales services. Sign in and become a Mehari Club membership. With the membership card, you can take advantage of our discount prices on the majority of the products.

More information on our range of Citroën accessories

If you wish to know more about our range of 2CV Citroën accessories, consult our various site sections or contact us.

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